Turning Archive 2008

finials *PIC*

john lucas
>My best client wanted me to turn 16 of these finials that I designed for him. He is going to put them upside down hanging from the beams in his ceiling. Unfortunately the wood he brought me is terrible. It's pine and tears out very easily. Half of the logs are still green at least half way through and have large radial cracks in them.

The one on the right has a large check in the back and the top broke off while turning. I chose this one as the prototype because I knew it wouldn't be saveable. I don't think I can get 16 good ones from the wood he left me.

The one on the left was the dryest log and it has some small surface checking. I hate to tell him I can't turn them from this wood but it's just plain lousy. I think the guy that sold it to him also ripped him off because it definitly isn't dry and based on the radial checks I think it was dryed incorrectly.

These are 11" tall and 5 1/2" in diameter.

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