Turning Archive 2008

Lathe in How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Richard Allen
>Deep into the movie (can't recommend the movie) there is a scene which takes place in a workshop. There is a lathe in that workshop which is holding a hexagon length of wood about 3" across and 36" long.

That lathe was the same as the first lathe I ever had. The ways are made of thin walled square tubes which would bend when you applied pressure with the tailstock.

A little later in the movie is another scene in the workshop (no there was never and work done in the workshop) where the lathe is in the background. Sure enough the bed of the lathe is bowed.

This lady is living in a multi million dollar house with a 1/4 million dollar job. She is supposed to have a life long passion for making furniture. An yet she has a $100 lathe, and a table top bandsaw. I guess the move had a different market in mind.

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