Turning Archive 2008

Dying help needed.

Cyril Griesbach
>I've got an experiment going with dying a small shallow bowl/plate. I turned it from 5/4 kiln dried Mahogany and intended to dye just the inside and have an oil finish on the rim and back. After sanding to 600 I applied Fiebigs (sp) leather dye to the interior, let it dry and applied another coat of dye. Much to my surprise the dye blead through to the back side so I had to dye the whole piece. OK, it's an experiement right?

Now some questions:
Should I have applied a sealer to the wood that I did not wish to dye and if so what? I mostly use Danish Oil and Beal buffing for a finish.

I'd also like to experiment with liming wax on this one so should the wax be applied over the dye or should I oil it first and then apply the wax?

I'm going to try to be in on the chat tonight which is to be centered on issues like this but I'm hoping for some info from the group as a whole.


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