Turning Archive 2008

More Plumwood *PIC*

charlie belden
>Two more plumwood pieces from a neighbors tree pruning. Was on a droplet shaped rakuesque trip and did three basic variations of the same form with different proportions. The first turning was close, but not quite.

Then I stumbled on the Squeezed shape by accident. Doing the final shaping with a 1/2" curved edge skew I had to finish the roll before I got to where I wanted the curve to end. So I had a pretty deep cut 1/2" ABOVE where I wanted the bead for the foot of the piece. Rather than scale everything down to recover from the OOOOOPS I decided to go for a drop in a cup shape. And that led to doing a cap and more of a squeezed sphere look. Wanted a semi-pinched neck separate from the "cap", as if it was coming through a tight hole in the cap.

This Squeezed thing has some interesting possibilities. Presents some interesting "challenges" to work out - getting the illusion of three or four separate parts that fit together and getting the shapes to compliment each other. But the idea of making wood appear squeezable like a balloon . . .

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