Turning Archive 2008

Re: New Features for the Wednesday Night Turning C

Mike Stafford
>You have a wonderful selection of potential topics and I hope all of them can be hit upon one time or another.

My favorites in no particular order are 24, 21, 14, 10, 7, and 5.

As far as turners I would like to see as guests I would like to suggest that at least once a month you invite a WC regular to sit in on chat and field questions. I mean, we all know Carole Valentine, John Lucas, Allen Neighbors, Jamie Donaldson, etc. but how well do we really know them and so many of the other denizens who frequent WC? It would be great fun to know these people a little better. Even better if they could be a guest expert where appropriate on some of your chat ideas.

I look forward to the chats, Steve.

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