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New Features for the Wednesday Night Turning Chat

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

As Ellis mentioned in his post "Steve's Back," I'm honored to return as your moderator for the Wednesday night Turning Chats. We're going to be adding lots of great things to the Turning Chats in the near future to enhance the value of the chats for all WC members.

Two new features will be adding are: "Inside the Turners Studio" and "Spotlight Chats." Inside the Turners Studio will offer you the chance to ask some of the best turners in the business questions about their work and work practices.

Our new Spotlight Chats will feature individuals like collectors, gallery owners, professional photographers, professional finishers, tool manufacturers and artists from other disciplines. These spotlight chats will give you the opportunity to drill down into "core" interest areas like how to get into galleries, what makes a collector become interested in your work, how to take better pictures of your work, how to achieve better finishes, how to explore new artistic mediums, how to use particular tools and more.

We're working on setting up a schedule for the guest chats… These would be once every month or two, depending on scheduling with the particular individuals. I would also like to have "Open Chats" occasionally, so you can drop in and chat about anything related to woodturning. In addition, I'm still working on adding video to the chats and I'm looking into various ways to allow dial-up users to participate with the broadband members. All this and lots more are on the way!

In an effort to broaden the chats appeal to all of the WC family of turners, I need your help and ideas on future topics. To get the ball rolling, I have listed a few general interest topics that you may find interesting. Please cast your vote for the ones you would like (in order of importance, by topic number) to see covered in the upcoming chats. In addition, please offer your suggestions for any topics that are of particular interest to you. By working together, we can make the chats a valuable resource for all of us.

1.) Cutting Wood For Figure - How To Process Logs, Limbs, Stumps And Crotches
2.) Making Money With Woodturning - Moving From Hobby To Pro
3.) Turning Unusual Materials – Antler, Metals, Bone, Stone etc.
4.) Website Merchant Accounts and Shopping Carts For Woodturners
5.) Metal Leafing Tools And Techniques
6.) Wood Burning Tools And Techniques
7.) Getting Started with Inlaying Precious Metals And Gemstones
8.) Hollowing Tools And Techniques
9.) Getting Started With HVLP Sprayers
10.) Using Dyes And Other Coloring Products
11.) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For Woodturners Websites
12.) Making Your Own Home Brew Finishes
13.) Casting your Own Plastic Pen and Bottle Stopper Blanks:
14.) Threading Tools and Techniques
15.) Ebonizing Techniques
16.) Balancing Out of Balance Work – Tips for a Smoother Spin
17.) Wood Storage – Tips for Storing Blanks, Turning Squares and Roughouts
18.) Advanced Lighting for Your Studio – Fiber Optics, Focused Halogens etc.
19.) Repairing Work Damaged at Art/Craft Shows or Damages in Transit
20.) Marketing on a Shoestring – Low Cost/Free Promotion of You/Your Work
21.) Cultivating Collectors – How to Take Care of and Nurture Your Collectors
22.) Getting Into Production Work – Considerations and Concerns
23.) Tax Considerations for Hobby/Part Time Woodturners
24.) Getting Your Articles Published in Woodturning Magazines – Tips for Success
25.) Thinking Way Outside of the Box – Developing a Bold New Artistic Style

Please vote on the above 25 topics, or add your own ideas. Also, please offer the names of turners, or other individuals you would like to see in one of our guest chats. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post a response here, or you may contact me at steverussell2436@comcast.net Take care and all the best to you and yours!

P.S. Let's have an open chat this Wednesday night so we can all discuss the new chat format, the proposed topics and get your input and suggestions on how to make the chat better.

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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