Turning Archive 2008

OO Spider *PIC*

Curt Fuller
>Just so you don't think I've gone off the deep end, there is a reason why I turned this. There's a local art center that is having an upcoming show and the theme is "3 Legs or More", open to any medium. I've been on a good luck streak with local art shows because nobody ever enters any wood turnings. So, I usually get accepted just because it's a unique medium. Don't really know what made me think of a spider when I thought of "3 Legs or More", but this is what I came up with. It's mostly Osage Orange with some small pieces of redheart. It's all turned pieces (40 pieces) with a little bit of carving on the mouth and the front claws. It stands about a foot tall and is about 14" diameter. The body is just an egg, the head is a hollow form with the opening carved out and the inside painted with india ink, the rest is spindles joined by tenons. If you notice, She's even wearing a couple bracelets.

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