Turning Archive 2008

Long-stem Hickory Goblet *PIC*

Brian Hahn in SW Wisconsin
>Hickory, turned green, 2-3/4" wide x 11-1/2" tall. Sealed with several very thin coats of blonde shellac.

This is my second attempt at a goblet. The first looked more like a wilted flower - the bowl was too shallow and the stem developed a significant curve when it dried. This goblet had a knot in the stem just below the bowl and the bowl wanted to flop around while I was turning the stem. It took both the tail stock and a string steady to control the motion.

This particular hickory sapling had stalled out. There are 20 growth rings in the outer 1/4". It was leaning so I had expected the pith to be off center, but it wasn't and the stem wanted to bend when it dried.

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