Turning Archive 2008

Hollowforms R'Us *PIC*

steve antonucci
>I've been working through a lot of smaller blocks. Honestly, I have so much wood right now, all conveniently frozen to the ground, that I haven't really thought about what the heck I'll do when I'm done? Luckily, I had a stash of smaller blocks inside to keep me busy.

Left to right:

Cherry burl
Spalted maple
Cherry burl
Spalted curly maple with ebony collar
Box elder
cherry burl with some drying cracks

Most of them are turned through a 3/8" to an 1/8" give or take. I had a natural edge on the flat curly spalted maple (#4), but lost it because I was listening to Metallica and got distracted (caught in a mosh). The depth hole was also an 1/8" too deep, and so the bottom has a 1/4" ebony plug in it that doesn't look too bad.

Overall sizes are around 4x2.5", and most weigh 2-3 ozs.

Comments always welcome.


P.S. still need touch-up sanding, and finish...

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