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another finishing question...

GaryG in MD
>There have been some very good comments on finishing recently, so I would like to add another variation.

I have turned a 6"-tall dogwood NE double-bullseye "cup" form and soaked it pretty well with 3 coats of Watco DO. This particular piece of dogwood is neither light nor dark -- it's a kind of light cherry color. My problem is that the bulls eyes are not very visible, all things considered. Now I know this isn't locust, and I shouldn't expect too much contrast, but I would like to see if I could get a little more accent.

So my question is: given that it already has three coats of thoroughly dry Watco, is there anything I can do to punch up the rings. I've thought of adding a colored wash, or colored oil or varnish, but my fear is that it will just darken the whole thing without adding any additional contrast.

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts. ...Gary

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another finishing question...
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