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Preventing catches

Lyle Jamieson
>I recently returned from a teaching tour for the Florida Symposium. I know its tough duty to go to florida from my home in Michigan this time of year...but somebodys got to do it.
I heard about the Ellis threads and went back to read up on the many responses in both threads. David Ellsworth, Clay Foster and Lyle Jamieson use different hollowing methods. Does that make one of them right and the others wrong. No, of course not. They are just different and each has good reasons for sticking to their philosophy of hollowing. The big name turners have paid their dues over the many years, and may add a touch of talent, and have gone through the learning curve to master their techniques. We do hollowing without getting catches and without going through the side of a vessel. On the other hand the masses of turners dont have the time or inclination to learn the complex process of using hand held hollowing tools.
There are thousands of supported hollowing systems being used today. There are many shop built systems being used, and many copycat versions of the Jamieson system are being sold today. I have used many of these re-engineered versions and find many have obsticles and some are downright dangerous. Most of them, when set up correctly, will never get a catch. And with a laser measuring system will never go through the side of another vessel.
The armbrace, hand held, or supported issue comes down to risk tolerance and how hard you want to work. Hand held tools even used correctly are very hard on our bodys.
I learned to use hand held tools without catches back in the 80s. But, I choose today to use supported tools even for Chrismas orniments. Why?? Because I can hollow one out in about 90 seconds to 1/16 inch wall thickness. Its all about control!!
If you are INVESTED in a hollowing system that does not work very well. You need to tolerate the risk of getting hurt for the rest of your life. OR...get some help to learn to use your hand held tools. OR...invest in a system that works with less danger. Why do we turn??? Because its fun!! Are you having fun??
Regards, Lyle Jamieson

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