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Frank Miller Lumber Tour *LINK*

>Hi Everybody,

I'm putting feelers out to see if there would be any interest in doing a group tour of the Frank Miller Lumber Company. Before Badger Pond dissolved I organized a couple of these but we haven't done one since. I contacted them today and they said they'd love to have us back. So if this sounds like something you might be interested in please respond to this post and we'll get an idea of interest. If you don't know about Frank Miller Lumber they are located in Union City, Indiana just north of Richmond, IN almost on the Indiana/Ohio border. It is a huge operation of cutting, milling, drying and shipping all over the world. The mill is state of the art and will blow your mind when you see it in action. They specialize in quarter sawn lumber and are one of the largest suppliers of QS lumber in the world, milling about 5 million BF per month. The tour of the mill and the kilns and seeing the process of tree to dried board is really amazing and incredibly informative no matter what form of woodworking you are into.

There is no fee for the tour but unfortunately no children are allowed. I think the cut off age is 13? I'll clarify that with them.
They only do the tours Monday-Friday so unfortunately it can't be on a weekend. So... since I'm organizing this thing and my days off are Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday....it will probably land on one of those days :) I'm going to assume that a Monday would probably work best? Let me know on that too. This might be one of those rare occasions that we can get all the power hungry, the turners and those on the quiet side to come together for a day of wood related fun and camaraderie. If you want to learn more about FML you can go to their website at the link below. I'm thinking springtime. I'm tentatively looking at either of the last two weeks of April. The tour usually starts in the morning around 10:00am and lasts about 2 hrs. Then it's time to lumber shop!

Hope this works out!

Jen :)

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