Turning Archive 2008

Jet 1642 help needed

Bill McWhirter
>About 5 minutes after starting my year-old 1642 230V lathe this evening, it just quit. It is plugged in, the tachometer readout is still lit and it responds to manually turning the spindle.

I think that the problem lies in the inverter. All of the pixels on the readout are lit (:8:8:8:8:). Pushing the start and stop button on the inverter had no effect.

I unplugged the lathe and let it sit for a while. I blew out the motor and the inverter-they were not particularly dusty. After I plugged it in again, the readout on the inverter came up with an F and some numbers but in a few seconds it clicked and reverted to the all "8's". I have only 4 days before the one year waranty-better than 4 days after it expired I guess.

Has anyone had this problem or know what to do to fix it? The nearest service center is 100 mile away and, of course, it is Friday after closing time. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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