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Fog Tanner
Thanks again for the info on the groove. I just need to use it as a post as I won't be hanging the light.

My vocation is programming, and for the majority of that career it was systems programming on real operating systems. Specificly those that run on large IBM mainframes. One reason my spelling has gone to pot. But, as a systems programmer I am put off by Micro$ofts attempts at what they call operating systems. In the business we call them bloatware. Also the reason your Vista machine is running backwards. Most of your memory is being used by Vista to load itself, leaving little for the apps. Something they have been doing since Windowz 95 days...

For a PC, the best operating systems you can get would be OS/2, most of the Unix variants (i.e. Linux, BSD), and NT. That is also the order of stability if you want to run a home server. Unfortunately the PC hardware (i.e. CPU and RAM) lack the necessary features for a real operating system. And also the reason you will not find a truely secure PC operating system or one that can support a virtual environemnt on a large scale.

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