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JohnKJordan in East TN
>>...when your neighborhood has a gravity outage

I laughed out loud at this! With this new threat, I'll have to go out and tie down all my goats and go shopping for a gravity generator for the house.

The following lighting method may not apply exactly to the topic, but if someone else caries a mini lathe around at times they might be interested: Several times I've set up a Jet mini on a sidewalk at night for demos. I could not rely on having enough ambient light or somewhere to clip a light.

I use a length of threaded rod in place of one of the corner bolts holding the lathe to the stand, slide a piece of steel tubing over that, then slip the base stud of one of those cheap Walmart swing-arm lamps into the top of the tube. The steel tubing is long enough that the articulated arm clears the lathe for all possible positions, and lamp is high and out of the way. I think this worked better than carrying a lamp on a floor stand.

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