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JohnKJordan in East TN
>>...ouitboard, inboard

In thinking about lathe light, I decided a Chest or Belly Light would be very useful! A conventional light between me and the work is always in the way. My head shadows overhead lights as I move around. Side lights behind only remind me of the need to diet. A Belly Light, e.g., built into a fanny pack worn in the front, might light that part of the work that is always in shadow. You patent these and sell them and send me half the money. :)

I also want a bright light mounted inside the hole in the tail stock. This would let me look inside the hollow as soon as I remove my tool without having to reach and turn on my little flashlight.

But for your question, I attach an articulated light with a magnetic base to the cast iron ways at the far side of my lathe. It can be easily moved and positioned. I usually like it down low for the glancing light needed to properly inspect surfaces. The only problem is an open reflector tilted upwards catches chips - it needs a clear cover on the front.


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