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Chuck Engstrom
>Moffatt lights mount on a 1/2" stud with a little groove in it which serves little purpose but to keep the lamp from flying up into the air when your neighborhood has a gravity outage. You can make them yourself without much trouble -- see page 3 of http://www.moffattproducts.com/pdf/TaskLightingDesignGuide.pdf for ideas. I mounted an MS2 base on the far end of my banjo, but I could have saved a bunch of bucks just buying a 1/2" bolt with some straight shoulder, cutting off the head, and tapping it in.

I share this because Moffatt will NOT sell their various little mounts to individuals. If you call Moffatt, they'll make you call someone like MSC, who sell Moffatt products but don't list them under that name and will burn up a bunch of your time figuring out what you're trying to buy. Then they have to call Moffatt to get a price, and then calculate shipping etc, and when that's all done, guess what? -- the item is dropped shipped from the Moffatt plant.

Buying a Moffatt adapter should be a three-minute phone call to Moffatt. It took me most of an hour for several calls back and forth with Moffatt and MSC. The lamp itself is certainly a fine product but their attitude toward end-users is poor, and I just can't resist this opportunity to reciprocate.

Chuck Engstrom

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