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Mike Brazeau
>Wally - I got this idea from someone who posted here or at WoW. Just take a piece of 2x4 and drill appropriately sized holes. One or more to mount over the swing arm post and some for the lamp in various positions, so you can move it where best suits the task at hand. I think you ordered a rather short bed so the 2x4 should be able to cover both aspects. I just use one of the old fashioned drafting table lamps with a showcase bulb in it. I turned a sleeve to fit into the hole for the lamp. Can't remember why. I think I had it mounted in the swing arm post first. In the lower right is my $300 table mounted on the outboard bed. I need to rearrange things and start using the outboard. It really is a lot easier on the back. There were some pics in a recent American Woodturner of storage ideas here too. I am going to drill some holes to hold gouges one day.

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