Turning Archive 2008

Re: dust collection at bandsaw.

Barry Irby
>John, I have a contractor TS and have got that down to next to nothing, at least under the table. I have not put on a over the blade pick up, but I guess it's not bothering me that much.

I have a similar bandsaw. I used a "End boot" from four inch ductwork for the pick up. As much as I can tell, it is very nearly like yours with the possible exception of mine reaches right up under the insert in the table. Like a finger. In fact, on the rare occasions I tilt the table past about 35 degrees, I have to loosen my pick up and let it slip down a little or it will lift the insert out of the table. Mine also draws straight down. Yours turned it ninety degrees. Wonder if that decreases your efficiency?

Mine seems to work better than yours, but not as well as I had hoped.

I think we need to observe carefully and figure out where the crap is coming from. I think the blade is carrying it all the way around and dropping it back on top the work and table. I am not sure. I have brushes on mine that clean the wheels. I wonder if a set of brushes that the blade would run through would have the effect of knocking the dust out of the gullets and leave it for the DC? Either on the side of the bottom wheel where the blade comes back up or under the table to the left of the insert to sort of brush the crap toward your pickup. Don't even know if there is enough room.

Another thought I had for this and the TS would be to use compressed air. Been wondering if you could set up a nozzle to blow air across the blade through the gullets to dislodge the debris and blow it toward the DC. This would require some sort of solenoid operated nozzle wired to you bandsaw switch or the switch on the DC for the Bandsaw.

It might be simpler to install a DC port over the table like you are considering on the TS. Something that could ride up and down with the top guides.

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