Turning Archive 2008

dust collection at bansaw. *PIC*

john lucas
>I have 3 machines that produce a lot of dust and shavings. The table saw, the bandsaw and the lathe. As soon as I get my overhead guard done I'll solve the table saw problem. I've got the fine dust under control at the lathe and you know we can't do very much about the shavings.

The bandsaw is defeating me. I just spent the day working on sealing all the openings in my bandsaw. I had already installed a dust collector. Now the inside is practically spotless when I saw. The outside is a different matter. I get dust and crap all over. What you see in the photo is just one bowl roughed out. I even drilled holes in the table insert and sealed areas under it to create more airflow in that area.

Anyone have any suggestions. I would rather clean it at the source than sweep up afterwords.

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