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Re: Why I haven't been turning + pics and story!

charlie belden
>Proof once again that a labor of love has no
budget constraints in terms of time or effort,
and the results are priceless.

Be aware that children are VERY clever little
creatures. My son learned that there really
wasn't a Santa Clause years before he let
on that he knew. He later confessed that
maintaining the impression of believing in
Santa was in his best interests - no "we
can't afford that" excuses because Santa
makes it and so it doesn't come out of the
household budget.

I suspect that your daughter knows her
dad was making a wonderful dollhouse for
her - but didn't want to spoil the surprise.
Kids, in addition to being very clever, can
also very compassionate - if you show them
examples of compassion. They pick things
up REAL quick.

I'm betting that this Christmas morning will
be a fond memory for all involved - for a
long, long time.

Wish all kids could have a dad like you.

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