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Jim Miles - Charlotte N C
>Ipe South American - also know as Greenheart.
Very hard dense wood, has a unusual smell and a green tint inside ( Greenheart ) some color variations, finishes out to look about like Walnut. Starting to be used as exterior decking, local lumberyards ( not big box ) may sell it, will sell damaged boards cheap, or ask who installs it and they will have plenty of scraps being thrown out. I use it in segmented work - seems to work fine.
Story: My local lumber yard had special ordered a pallet of Ipe and sold about 80% of it. , the pallet under it ( not Ipe ) was a dark reddish wood with three 10 inch wide boards making up the pallet, I just knew I had hit upon some really nice foreign wood, asked the lumber yard to save the pallet for me, took 6 months to sell rest of the Ipe, Took the pallet home, tore it apart knowing it was going to be something special. Planed a piece - was't reddish inside at all - some of the plainest - non descript wood I ever saw!

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