Turning Archive 2007

Re: Cheeky meter

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>I like it, Russ. I'll do it. Sure is less expensive than meter.

I finished a bowl yesterday and wanted to start on a box, but decided I didn't have anything dry enough. So far the wood I have collected has been a bunch from Indy Fest. Thanks Ray and Terry. And some form John Hart that I bought. It was wet when it arrived and it is all wrapped in Saran wrap, and pretty heavy. I am not sure how I would go about drying it faster than just waiting it out. Anything I pick up around here would be wet and not ready to turn before I have to pack all this up and move it to Arizona (next August).

What to do? What to do? I'd like a real cedar 4x4 to practice box making. But all the lumber yards carry are pith centered treated posts. Yuck!

Meanwhile I will turn the be rough turned bowl blanks I got from Terry. Pictures later. Promise.

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