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steve antonucci
>Thank you all for the comments- The bowl was left "heavy", with a slight undercut at the rim so that your thumb had a place to go when lifting. In retrospect, it's a two handed bowl anyway, since you'd need pretty strong hands and arms to carry it with just your thumb hooked.

I promise not to paint it.

Siberian elm turns pretty easily, with a slightly antiseptic smell- almost reminds me of bandaids! The tree that Andy and I worked on was almost 3 foot in diameter, and you can see how wide the growth rings are. The picture doesn't show it, but the sanding left the surface with a mild texture that follows that grain, moreso on the outside than inside (intentionally).

The tree was loaded with burls, and what wasn't burled, was at least birdseye or spalted. If you look below at Andy DiPietro's hollowforms, they come from the same log (and hours of trying to snap it with my 6' pry bar...)


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Thanks all-
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