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Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Steve, we were glad to see the two of you down here for the party! That blank started out at 18" in diameter and about 8" thick or so. I would not be surprised if it weighed in at 80 lbs or better, as wet as it was. We were running it at about 700-800 rpm to start.

Jim it would have been great to see you again, but your countrymen told me that they were only letting people named "Steve" across the border that day! So it is just as well you did not try.

Doug, your 3/4" vee gouge got a real workout. We were able to squeal the belt with it, but that was really pushing things. The gouge would take off as much as it could handle and the lathe was still turning, so I was very please with both.

Ned Bulken, who posts on Family Woodworking, was the official photographer du jour. I asked him if we could have a few for over here, and will post them if he is agreeable. Ellis has some video, but I don't know if he took any stills.

We really enjoyed everyone's company, and will have to do it again sometime. In the meantime, reserve some space for the end of July next year when Five Barns comes around again!


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