Turning Archive 2007

Re:Steve's argumentative attitude...

Stephen Mushinski
>ROFL - I remember that!

Steve, taking a swing at Wally will get you something for sure. A whole lot of enemy's!! What some of our more experienced turners deserve is respect. If you do not agree with something they say so be it. It is not a place for you to start an argument.

Not sure I like what happened with Terry D a few months ago. Now, we do not see him posting. I always search out what Russ, Wally and a few others have to say about everything and anything as I know I will learn something from it.

From reading what happened on WOW and other posts here I cannot say the same of what you have to say.

BTW: Wally I believe that worms were the first to make holes in wood then a nice Polish man from Canada started using a dental drill to do the same thing. My understanding is it was the late Frank Sudol.

You talked about Joey! Well Binh learned from Frank, Frank learned to colour from Giles Gilson and Giles learned from someone else. So does that not mean Joey coping someone else?????? I love what Joey has done and she should recognized for it not compared.

Most of it is nonsense. Just get back to enjoying the sound and smell of spinning wood people!!!!

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