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Does anyone bother to read my words
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steve antonucci
>or just assume that I'm picking a fight?

I think I can say with a great deal of certainty that my original comments were not confrontive nor a personal attack. I merely stated that I understood how someone could construe Wally's piece as derivative. I never said it was derivative. I never said he copied Molly's work. Actually, if you bother to read the words, I defend his work as "not a Molly". But I stand by my original words, which is I could see how people might think it's derivative even if I didn't.

The argument actually started when Wally took offense to the fact that I saw some influence. He began the confrontation, calling my opinion BS, and defending his ground. I'm a big boy, so I ask a very simple question, and I haven't heard his answer. Next thing I know, there's the lynch mob at my door asking me to come to a necktie party.

I guess that they'll have to wait, 'cause I'm busy planning my next fight. What can I say, I have no life and this kind of stuff gives me great joy (sarcasm, for those of you that think you know me...)

An as for WOW, I left on my own accord because I refused to let someone censor my right to my opinion. I have plenty to do in my life, and I've met lots of people through WoodCentral who will vouch for me personally. Sure I've got lots of opinions, and probably even more faults, but the main reason that this is a good place to hang out is that Woodcentral has always allowed friends to have a forum for open discussion about anything.

If we lose that, I'm gone.


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