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Re: Copying, Plagarism Again?.....

Fog Tanner
>It is a good thing that the ancient Egytians and Babalonians didn't copyright all their forms, designs and embellisment techniques - all those claiming ownership would be out of business along with the rest of us. The same can be said of the Greeks and a number of other civilizations that preceeded us. And there is no telling what the Chinese still have buried in some of their massive tombs. And you can't leave out the Hopi and Navajo, that made forms too.

Even the ugly stuff has been made, if you look at the ancient sites where they made offerings in pottery and then smashed them at the site, when pieced back together you will find that ugly bowl that we all made starting out. The only way to know if it is good looking or not is to make something ugly for comparison.

In 1000 years when all the great gurus of today are long forgotten, these same ignorant arguements of owenership will be going on - the only change will be the name of the gurus in the future as Raffan, Ellsworth, Key, Stockdale, and everyone else will have become a myth and long forgotten. Of course my favorite is guru is urug spelled backwards, like Serutan - you had to be there.........

Time to go out and copy some more Egyptian forms......

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