Turning Archive 2007

An original piece by me *PIC*

steve antonucci
>with influences that will go credited and some that won't.

I turned this round bottomed bowl a few weeks ago from some birdseye siberian elm. Yikes, you say? Yeah, it had the shape I wanted, and the wood was pretty, so it became my "test piece". I've played with dyes off and on in the past, and this piece seemed to say, "follow the grain...."

We've all seen art that we scratch our head and say "Well, hell, I could do that!" I can't remember the one guys name, but he typically paints a squiggle, and then starts layering color around it. The wood suggested it, so I went with it. It looked too much like a tie-die, so I decided to give it a little Pollock splatter effect (without covering my bench, d'oh!) and finally a wash that's mostly green on the inside, and more blue on the outside. I picked blue, green, and purple because they kind of got together on a color chart and because I had them.

I then sprayed it with a gloss lacquer with the intent being to build a clear, but shiny surface. Elm wouldn't have been my first choice because of the open grain in the rings, but it's what I had.

I'm not sure I love it, but it's mine...


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