Turning Archive 2007

I wouldn't worry too much Wally...

jay in tx
>some folks will cry [wolf] at the drop of a 'hat'. Is Stetson the only company that makes hats from felt? Were James and George Lock the only men to ever make a bowler hat out of hard felt? Am I using the hat references way to ineffectually? Joey's work is real pretty, she should be proud. Just like hat styles, sizes, and materials; peoples opinions will vary and other people will snigger at their unabashed narrow mindedness as they color their opinions based on their perceptions colored and steeped in their own self-righteous indignation... Hey I'll stop rambling now, hope you enjoyed creating your "Molly Look-a-like" as much as many of us enjoyed looking at it. (Wink, Wink, nudge and giggle)

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