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Ruth Niles
>I made my own 3 on one rod and love it for small items like bottle stoppers, sm. hollow forms, ring-holders, etc.

I also have the tripoli and wax wheels separate, I had the post/holder threaded so it can be threaded on the lathe spindle (personal preference). I bought an old grinder, mounted it to the edge of a table and can put these wheels on it for larger items. After having bowls hitting either the lathe ways or the spindle head, it's a pleasure to have nothing in the way.

The stitched wheels (which you can buy at an auto supply store cheaper) are harder (like Carole said) but I like them for certain pieces, they buff faster. I also bought a reg. car buffing wheel that I use with nothing on it to buff up a plate or bowl that just has an oil finish.

Once I tied a piece of a t-shirt around an old car buffing wheel just for fun and it wasn't bad as a polishing, rather than buffing, wheel.

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