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Fog Tanner
>At one of our club meetings, we had some of the work critiqued by a pottery "artist". When she got to one piece which she had selected, someone questioned her on why she had chosen it. It was a nicely executed bowl, but nothing spectaular as for as form went - just a nice average bowl. But, it had some interesting grain. Her responce was the "wood spoke to her". It left sevreal of us in a quandry, as that wood had been "dead" for sevreal years before it was shaped. Had it been alive, I have only known a few people that could carry on a conversation with tree. None of which are allowed the use of sharp tools these days. The guy that made the bowl even admitted that he had not been privy to any conversation with said wood, and felt slighted. I had wanted to ask her if she talked with her clay before she made whatever it was she made. I am sure the conversations would have been most interesting.

I guess I follow more along the lines of Russ, I have an idea of the shape and then make that regardless of the argument put up by the wood. Should the wood voice an opinion different that the direction I am headed in, I am the one holding the steel and I can make shavings. But, if I hear an inantimate object speaking to me then its also time to put down the tools and turn off the machine. I always remember that a '55 Chevy looks good no matter what color it is painted, but no paint can help an AMC Pacer....

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