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Chuck Engstrom
>I've made a couple of handles out of cherry and ash, and used copper tubing compression fittings for holding the tool itself (see photo). I had to split the compression ring to allow for variability of tool sizes, and drill out the lower part of them in some cases, but they do work nicely for double-ended tools etc. I can change tools in a few seconds without needing a wrench or hex key to do it, and these don't mar the tool surface at all. I put lead shot in the bottom end of them.

After making several of them I found that some had a more comfortable heft than others, but of course I hadn't recorded any measurements of lead shot cavity, etc, which would let me repeat the design. Solution: I got my local orthopedist to x-ray them for me. Lead shot shows perfectly, of course, and the hollow parts of the wood show up OK as well. "You'd be amazed at what people have brought in for us to x-ray," he told me.


Chuck Engstrom

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