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Fog Tanner
>I make all my tool handles. They are made from mainly Ash, Pecan,or Red Oak - mainly Ash becuase it is cheapest in my part of the world. Cherry and Walnut would be good too, I die some of my Ash handles walnut. On skews I make the end more or less flat, on the gouges and scrapers, I round then over to be able to tell the difference. All have been the traditional "coke bottle" shape, and sized to fit my hand.

I have started using brass threded inserts to hold the tools in after using my Kelton handle, that came with my McNaughton coring tool, for my 5/8" Thompson. I have both a handle for my Thompson skews and another for 1/2" gouges that use the set screws. I am working on one for 5/8" gouges now. Its drilled from both ends to accept lead shot. This one is basicly straight, partially because of being drilled from both ends and not wanting a weak handle.

Without the setscrews, my other handles are dilled a few thousnads under the tool diameter and the tool is an interfearence fit. I did have a couple of couges that were undersize and used 30min epoxy to hold them in.But, I like the idea of removing the steel for sharpening, especially a bowl gouge with a long handle.

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