Turning Archive 2007

Pick-up sticks (wands) *PIC*

JKJ in East TN
>At the risk of an overload, here are some of my recent wands. I took this batch and a minilathe to a bookstore last night and had a great time. The store manager said people had been calling to find out if and when I would be there. It was fun to talk to a handful of kids who brought their wands they got from me in '05.

Turning as fast as I could, I could not possibly satisfy the demand but between those and the pre-made I did sell a fair number (over $1700 worth). BTW, I priced them from $15-$75.

Woods were bloodwood to bubinga, cedar to cocobolo, maple to crepe myrtle, willow to walnut. I also made some this year from local very "hard" woods, hickory, oak. Very popular were the new "distressed" wands.

A few pictures follow.


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