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Brad Vietje
>Sher 'nuff a TN from way back. I too started grinding a telescope mirror back in high school (but didn't finish it for 21 years !) I helped start a public (free) telescope making class we offer each winter about 10 years ago, and have been teaching that class on and off ever since. I recently retired as STM prez, since I was just waaaay too busy getting my solar store started up. Things have changed a lot there -- check out the web site for all the gory details. We now maintain about 88 acres, and recently finished a huge pavilion so we don't have to gather under a leaking tent to hear the talks -- and we can actually see the slides projected! Still a fun weekend (a 3-day convention starting on Thursday this year), even when I am too busy to relax and enjoy much of it -- soon though...

Safe spinning,

Brad Vietje
Newbury, VT

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