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Proposed Topics For Next Weeks Turning Chat

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

For this weeks upcoming Wednesday night turning chat, I propose one of the following topics:

1.) Approaching Galleries: How to start selling your work through galleries, how to approach them and/or find one that is interested in selling woodturnings. Traps to avoid and ways to protect yourself when dealing with galleries.

2.) Mounting Heavy Items on the Lathe: Oh my aching back! So you've got a monster blank that you need to get mounted on your lathe. How are you going to do it? What are you using now... Several friends, a few WWF Wrestlers, a winch, brute force, prayers to the turning gods? Options and techniques for saving your back and getting heavy, or unwieldy blanks mounted on the lathe safely.

3.) Casting your Own Plastic Pen and Bottle Stopper Blanks: Set-ups, materials and protocols for casting your own pen and bottle stopper blanks. What has worked well for you, what has not worked? Where are you getting your supplies? Are you free-flow casting, or using pressure/vacuum pots? What are you using to add that extra "zing" to your blanks?

If you like one of the above topics, please let me know. If you prefer a different subject, let me know as well. I'm always open to new ideas and your comments are sincerely appreciated. You may reply to this post, or contact me via private email (email in Profile: Steven Russell) if you prefer.

I would like to firm up the topic for next weeks chat by late Monday night if possible. That will give two days notice for the members to prepare for the upcoming chat and gather photos if necessary. Since we are still working out the details for this, these times may be subject to change. I appreciate your understanding in this matter until we can complete our new format changes. Thanks in advance!

Steven Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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