Turning Archive 2007

Sir! Watch your language! There are....

Barry Irby
>ladies present and gentlemen with refined sensibilities. We will have none of that in the shop. The image of defiling the sawdust is just too unseemly. What I am trying to point out is surly a typo, but there is a vast difference between "balling" and "bawling".

And I have never done such silly things personally, unless you count:

Gluing my hand to a boring bar with CA.

Looking for my ear muffs for an hour while they hung around my neck. (big clunky shooters muff, too)

Turning one the DP with the key in the chuck, thumps me in the chest and then I wonder where it went.

Solved the pencil problem by buying a huge box of slightly used pencils at the thrift store for a dollar and threw them into the shop, Everywhere. Maybe a thousand. Good for about a year.

Had a big black “Stop” mark on a piece with dado’s. Looked at it and it did not seem familiar until the exact instant I saw through it.

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