Turning Archive 2007

Been there, done that...

Peter Teubel
>Awhile ago, I was given a Jet bandsaw mobile base...free, because the third wheel / lift mechanism was welded INSIDE the perimeter of the base, not the outside (nice QC from the factory, eh?).

No big deal, I can fix that. I cut off the wheel bracket and grind down the welds on the frame nice and smooth. I then ground off the paint on the otherside where the backet will be reattached. Align everything and weld on the bracket.

Spent a few minutes chipping off the slag and wire brushing the weld. Sat back and admired my work, but something didn't seem right...

DOH!!!! I welded the bracket TO THE ORIGINAL (i.e. wrong) LOCATION!!!

Another couple hours spent fixing *MY* mistake....

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