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Why I prefer turning over flatwork *LINK*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>Over on the Woodturner's Resource forum is a thread titled "Dumb Shop Tricks...Add Yours". Or, what's the dumbest thing you did in your shop. I'll reconstruct mine here, then you ought to go look at the original thread--it's kinda hilarious (linked below)

Dumb Shop Tricks...

This was for a meditation bench I was making last November, with a single dovetail on the corner joints--
1). Decide where the pin goes, and where the tail goes.
2). Measure, and mark the tail board on the side that won't show.
3). Meaure again to double check.
4). Do sawcuts for the tail, using a Japanese pullsaw which is reserved only for the finest cabinetry work that you only do once in a coon's age (or two).
5). Clean up with a razor sharp chisel.
6). Place the end of the board with the tail cut against the other board, and mark out for the pin with a marking knife.
7). Cut the waste away from the pin using that wonderful Japanese pullsaw. Imagine James Krenov looking approvingly over your shoulder.
8). As the last piece falls free from the sawcut, you think to yourself "Hmmm Self, that was easier than I figured it would be".
9). Unclamp the board from the bench, and bring it over to the other board to check the fit.


10). Collapse into a pile of sawdust, balling.
11). Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and collapse back into the pile of sawdust, laughing.

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