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Troy German

I taught a friend how to turn last week*, and his story is almost exactly like yours. Instead of Texas Ebony he was turning Olive from his dad’s orchard (as a gift for his dad’s 80th b-day) – heartwood/sapwood contrast, yep. He was using a limb out of their burn pile – checks and cracks, yep. On his second day turning, first day without me, he didn’t retighten the chuck – fly off the lathe, yep. And most reminiscent of all, the shape he ended up with looks almost identical to yours. Although instead of being frustrated, he loved the entire process (the excitement of learning something new).

Good job, and thanks for posting,

*It seems inaccurate to say that I taught him. He’s very mechanical and has quite a bit of experience working with metal. He improved my shop every day he was there, and my teaching pretty much consisted of “here’s the stuff that I have”.

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