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Philip Morris
Thanks for the response. I have also used the auxillary filter over a window unit intake with good success.

And, yes, one of the uninsulated walls faces west. Fortunately, my next door neighbor's house is only 15 or 20 feet away. But you are right that brick has some thermal mass and radiates quite a bit of heat back into the shop. Unfortunately, I don't even have any windows in the garage, so to cut a hole in the brick for a window unit will be hard to defend as temporary.

If I wasn't on such a tight budget I would just install a separate split system like on the main house. I am considering going with a 16000 BTU portable (which equates to a 12000 BTU window because all the hot internal components are inside the cooled area). I typically spend most of my time by the lathe which is usually separated from the rest of my equipment with a tarp. So maybe the separation will serve to contain the cooler air around my primary workspace.


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