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Barry Irby
>In addition to the things already mentioned, I would be concerned about those two uninuslated walls. If the sun hits them they are going to collect and retain a lot of heat. My fatherís house sits out in the open, not shaded by trees and is red brick and it is insulated. The sun cooked the south end and west side so badly the house was miserable with out AC. The heat worked its way through by late afternoon and was impossible until the middle of the night. He tried a whole house fan, but when its 95 outside there isn't any cool air to pass through the house. I'd say you have a problem specially if either of those walls faces south or west and does not have excellent shade.

I have about half the shop you do and cool it with a very small window AC. I put an additional filter in front of it and use my DC and Ambient Air cleaner. The AC makes a huge difference. I take the cover off the front several times a summer and vacuum the coil. If You could put one on the back of your house I would and I might even screen it or put a planter box or something in front of it. I would not ask the neighborhood committee. Their job is easy, they just say no. I would argue that it is temporary and does not affect property values anymore than those stupid tents people put up for parties now. (If I got busted)

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