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Troy German
>This is a great piece. Itís one of my favorite shapes and VERY well done. It brings up a topic Iíve been thinking about lately. Your piece is visually perfect, but Iím very tactile. The main thing that attracts me to a particular turning is if it appeals to the sense of touch. The open pores on this one seem as if they would detract from the tactile experience of this piece. I think it would make an interesting thread (one that Iíll follow up on tomorrow in more detail) to find out what other peopleís primary attraction factor is (e.g. visual, tactile, functional, etcÖ).

Besides the pores there is a lot I like about this piece. First is the overall shape and that the curve is well executed. Second is the finial, itís sleek and well proportioned with enough happening to be interesting but not so much that it looks too busy. The bead is especially well done. The long taper is also appealing. Third, I canít tell from the picture, but it looks as if the collar might be textured between the outer bead and the base of the finial. If so, thatís a very nice detail. And finally, the color of the wood is interesting as well.

Excellent job, and thanks for showing your work.


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