Turning Archive 2007

Re: Coring tools...a good investment?

Russ Fairfield
>I use the straight tool a lot and for two specific things. It is good for making the outside of scaley pieces of wood into something that is round. Making a plunge cut into solid wood is faster and a lot more friendly to the body than trying to do this with a bowl gouge and making intermittent cuts.

Same thing for the inside. The straight tool is good for removing bad wood, large hardened resin pockets, limb inclusions, and wood with rocks and dirt from the inside of anything quickly. This is wood that I wouldn't save.

It is also a good way to remove a lot of wood from the inside of a tall vase form, and I make a lot of those. It is faster than drilling and using a boring bar setup with a scraping tool; and sometimes that heartwood core is worth keeping because it can be the most highly figured, and that makes nice pens.

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