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Reality Check
>First you need to ask yourself WHY you want a coring system. If you are like most turners, the reasons are the same; “ to save wood, shavings & money, which really adds up overall “to save time”, not just the time to core; which can also be faster than gouging out the interior of a bowl, but also think of the time of hauling and prepping logs to turn one bowl or the time at your job to buy your blanks, and all those shavings to discard. Yes, a coring tool is a GREAT investment! That being said, for the reason you are buying a coring set in the first place, the Oneway Easycore is truly the best system out there,. Why you ask? It is truly the easiest & fastest core system with virtually no learning curve. Although like any tool, the Mac can be mastered, but usually after many ruined blanks & usually and in many cases, at least one ruined bent blade in the learning process (out of eight turners I know that bought Macs, 4 have bent Mac blades, & three of those ended up unusable. I know one of those turners who sold their Mac, because they were afraid to use it after bending a knife in a big blank. Remember woodturning as a hobby is supposed to be fun!!

I take bit of exception of those that state the Mac is more “versatile”. Although on the surface that statement is true; but why would anyone think that the versatility to core out a vase is all that practical? Bowl blanks are where coring systems are practical and really shine. Some will argue that you can core smaller blanks with the Mac (mini), again true,
however I can core a blank as small as 5 inches with a Oneway, to me that’s a small blank as it is; however, if I do want to turn a cutesy small bowl, I don’t mind wasting a couple of inches of wood-really what’s the point, unless your turning Pink Ivory bowls!? Lastly I take exception to those who argue that because the Oneway pivots on a fixed point, you can only get the same core size & shape , I say hogwash; when you start using the tool, you will be surprised how much control you have over the types of blanks by adjusting the base unit and angle of approach of the knives. Not as versatile as the Mac but unless you’re trying to save every shaving of wood possible; what’s the difference??

Yes the cost is a bit more for the Oneway system, but you get what you pay for, you don’t have to buy all the blades upfront, and the tool going to last you until the estate sale. Don’t forget the cutters are replaceable on the Oneway, you have to replace the whole blade on the Mac when it wears down. Remember, whatever the reason you may want a core system, the real reason boils down to time, and:

I bet I made a knee high pile of bowl blanks comfortably using the Oneway right out of the box, while most others were still trying to “master” their Mac. Watch me smile as I marvel coring out a 16 inch bowl blank with one hand (I’m still amazed of the ease of this system), then watch the uncertainty on the faces of even experienced users, coring out big blanks with a Mac.

Reality Check

PS, watch the free videos using the Easycore system on the Oneway site, If you do decide on the Mac, I suggest buying the Mahoney video, and add it to the cost of the system. Good Luck Joe

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