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Re: Thank you George Fitzpatrick

George Fitzpatrick - Springfield MA
Thank you for the kind words. I also take them as words of encouragement. I really enjoyed making this piece, and am happy you are enjoying it. I am kind of surprised as to how long it took to get to you. Guess the postal service went back to using the ponies....

My SHMBO points out that I really have to take a board and start practicing signing...so next time, and I do hope there will be a next time, it will be signed.

Sorry no pic. Have been having a heck of a time with getting decent pics out of my digital. John Lucas' photography work has got me a bit intimidated....hope to eventually post some decent pics of my work.

I join you in thanking David Propst for organizing what I thought was a great event!!


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Thank you George Fitzpatrick
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