Turning Archive 2006

Re: 3-D Design course question

John Lucas
>Brian They teach 3D design at our school and it is great. I have never been able to take the class but I've worked with a lot of the students who do take the class. It's pretty deep and takes a lot of hard work but If your class is anything like this one it would be great.

That does seem like an awful lot of money however. You could buy a lot of books and videos for that but there's nothing like hands on with instant instructor and student critic's to help you learn. The down side is that some students don't like learning this way and if that were to happen to you it would be a bummer. So if the instructor is good I think it would be a really great learning experience.

I will have to agree with your other suggestion. Take the $600 and go to the AAW symposium. You will learn much more about woodturning design by going to the classes and by looking at the instant gallery than you will in an Art class.

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