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Re: 3-D Design course question

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey

From that description, I think you'll find the course more geared to sculpture as one of the "fine" arts as opposed to turning which is more likely to be viewed as a form of pottery and (somehow) a "lesser craft." I've little doubt you'll get more in Louie'ville, but you won't have the time, in 3 days, to internalize what you hear and see there.

I'll make an alternate suggestion that I've made to others. That is to go back to the course offerings and get yourself into a wheel-thrown ceramics class; you'll get way more out of the time in both design, form, texture, and coloring. Depending on course load, you may be able to audit with just the lab fee for cost, but take some of your turnings into the instructor at the start and relay to him/her what your goals are. You'll likely get a warmer reception than in the sculpture studio.


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