Turning Archive 2006

3-D Design course question

Brian Hahn in SW Wisconsin
>Yesterday I discovered that a local college was offering an introductory course in 3-D design. The college is UW-Richland (a 2-year campus that is part of the University of Wisconsin system) and the course description is:

ART 112 Three-Dimensional Design
Investigation of the basic elements and principles of three-dimensional design; in the use of volume and spatial arrangement. Lecture-lab.

It is a 3 credit course (meets for 3 hours twice a week) and would cost about $600, possibly less if I can just audit the course. Plus I'd have to go through the admissions process and it has been 30 years since I graduated from college...

So my question is would this course be worth the time, effort and money for my woodturning hobby? Or would waiting for the AAW symposium and attending all of the design sessions be a easier and/or better option?


Wondering if he could still make the grade in college from Avoca, WI

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